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Related article: Date: Thu, 25 Feb 2010 15:42:55 -0800 (PST) From: T. Chase McPhee Subject: FoR SaLE By OwNEr: CK's STuD MuFFiN PaRTy cp fuck pussy 16You know xxx cp video the drill: The story below is a work of fiction, set in the format of reality. Any resemblances to real people, alive or in the hereafter, is entirely coincidental in nature. It is not meant to accurately reflect upon persons, of continents or islands, in countries, counties, cities, towns, villages, neighborhoods, streets, cul-de-sacs, nor governmental or non-governmental areas, which the story is staged. If a sexual scene involving male-to-male relationships offends you, then why are you here? Seriously, if guy-to-guy sex stuff makes you barf or is going to screw up your mind, you should not read this story. Additionally, if you are under 18 years of age, in most states and countries, you are not allowed to read this story, by law. Check with your local laws regarding such.% Sexual safety matters. Remember guys, cp fuck kids this is fiction. In real life, use protection.FoR SaLE By OwNEr: CK's STuD MuFFiN PaRTy 16 wriTten by T. Chase McPhee%For the remainder of the sunny afternoon, the four bears at the table more took in cp ilegal porn the eye candy, discussing their long range finds. As for Alex and Kyle, they cp incest download circulated the cp girls grounds."I didn't know you could play tennis, Alex!""Me?" He says. "I'm just holding the racket. I didn't say I knew how to play!""Hi!" Came a voice from behind Kyle and Alex as they stood inside top illegal cp the tennis court. And as Alex turns around, his eyes drop, then begin scanning Alex from toe to head, saying to his face, "I don't think we've met. cp fuck pussy I'm Milo Domersanto." A covered tennis racket in his hand, Milo unzipped the case and began removing the racket. "Either of you interested in a game?"Kyle was quick to deal out, "Milo? You're going to be Michael's tutor!""That's right," Alex followed up with, Kyle reminding him."Cute kid," Milo responds. How do you know him?""I'm Kyle and cp 12yo this is Alex. Michael 12 y.o. cp xxx lives with us in the city.""Oh right. Michael talked about Alex the whole time.""Only Alex?" Kyle said as if jealous.Trying to get Michael off the hook, Milo returns with, "Um, he mentioned staying with you two guys, so, sure.. he meant both of you." Then right out smartly, "So, you up for a game?""I'm not," Kyle replies. "I've got a sore shoulder, but you play Alex."Alex giggles, saying, "I'm sure it will be a landslide in your favor," he tells Milo."I'm a teacher. I teach. I can teach you?""I'm a learner," Alex replies. "I can learn, but I'm not sure how good a learner I can be!"Kyle watched from the sidelines, behind the chainlink fence. cp illegal free He smiled, trying to think what could be on Alex's mind, because as Milo was showing him how to hold nymph cp the racket, the different angles of hitting the ball, japan cp forum images his hands were all over Alex, his shoulders, backing him by placing his hand on Alex's chest, on his thigh to show him how to bend, etc.First serve, Alex said, "Oops!" as the tennis ball flew right by him, even though he swung the racket."Beginner's luck!" Milo called the play.'Wow'! Kyle thought, Milo jumping over the net to give Alex some more pointers. He had to ask, yelling the few feet to where they stood, "You do track and field, Milo?"He replied, "Yes. How did you know?"Kyle moved his arm to show Milo jumping over the net, saying it. He then immediately asks Alex, "Guess what Alex?""What?""My arm. Look! It's all better!""What happened to his arm," cp tgp porn Kyle dark collection cp xxx heard from afar. He couldn't hear everything Alex was telling him, but he could see the reflection of his anguish from the incident on Milo's face.Milo turned to the fence, looking at Kyle behind it and says, "Sorry. I hope you feel better!""Thanks," Kyle replies, the two exchanging smiles.They remained in friendly chat, attached long distance, till Alex interrupts, "So, you want to serve me up another one and I'll really try to hit it this time?"And Alex did, black cp porn sending it right over the net, Milo returning it. Running for it, Alex lopped it back."Good one Alex!" Milo called back, returning it to Alex."OMG!" Alex shouted out, hitting it again, like it was a miracle!Milo missed! "Oh man! You're too good for me Alex!"Alex smiled a toothy grin, saying, "The student is not supposed to be better than the teacher!"As he came back to Alex's side of the court, this time taking the long way around the net, bouncing the ball off his racket, returning it to the court pavement, and as he cp movies free pics neared Alex, bounced it hight, catching it, his smiling face meets Alex, asking, "By the way, you wouldn't happen to know what interests Michael has?"They stepped over to the fence, Kyle on the outside, Alex and Milo inside."Michael's interests?" Alex questions, knowing he didn't have a clue.Kyle tells him, "Does sex count?"Milo laughs, telling him, "We all have that hobby!" Having cp nudist child a general idea neither of them knew, he allintitle cp then asks, "Either of you wouldn't happen to be hungry? Join me for some lunch?"Alex went to look for his watch on his arm by habit, realizing it was tabu to wear one! "Anybody know what time it is?"Looking up to the sky, kds cp chil lol checking the horizon, Milo guesstimates, "I'd say around one or one thirty."Kyle replies, "Yep! It's lunch time!"An informal gathering occured nearby the swimming area, a gap between two swimming pools, two of four which dotted the lanscape of the Cayman Karlyle estate. The expanse between the dark cp 12yo swimming areas was enough to accomodate long banquet tables, loaded with prepared food. No expense seemed to be spared, as cp illegal free the variety was immense.Of course, Michael was there to boast about his now partner-for-life, "Hey guys, guess who's responsible for cp 12yo all this food?"Kyle and Alex got another view of Milo, not only bod equivalent of a tennis player who monopolized much of his time playing the game, nor his astuteness which dictated his education, but in answering Michael, "Let me guess... Cayman has Tom call the Peapod wagon out from Stop'n'Shop?""Peapod wagon?" Kyle questions.Turning to Alex, the same shrugging of shoulders asked the same."What's a peapod?" Michael asks.Another tidbit to add to Milo's cp620 latex mental resume, "I spent part of my life growing up in Jersey. It was like, if you schoolgirls elementary pics cp didn't feel like driving to the supermarket, mom would pick up the phone and order it out. They respond with a small, square-boxed truck called the 'Peapod'," he draws off a square with his hands, "and there you have it, everything you need, deliverd by..." and this is where it drew interesting, "some rather 'hot' supermarket men!"Michael wanted to stay around and listen, naturist boys cp but he spotted Scotty. "See ya later guys!""Bye Michael," Milo said, smiling. "Cute!" he adds.Kyle breaks Milo's train of vision, following the lithe spirit, "Oh, so did you encourage your mom to do this often?"It worked, Milo replying, asian child cp "For a sixteen year old gay kid, I did seem to begin to asorb more food."Giving away thoughts he's been checking Milo out, Alex says, "Really? Well you would never know it, to look at you?"Kyle, knowing Alex was checking him out, not that Kyle hasn't done the same, states it in a more obvious manner, "Yeah, your chest and abs are 'so' trim!"More joking, than surprising the two, pics skinny cp porn Milo says, "I'm on to you two!"Alex finds excuse, "Hey, why should you be any different than the other ocean of guys 'needing' to be checked extreme cp porn out!"As they sit as a trio at a table and munch, Milo replies as he nods to the crowd, "Yeah and there's a half dozen I'd like to check out personally!""Oh, then I take it you're not attached?" Alex asks."Sure. I've got a boyfriend cp girls gallery back in the city, but we're not like a couple. More, we're roommates, but there's only one bedroom and one bed!"First to come to Kyle, he says, "Uh, must be cozy when each of you brings home a trick?"It brought laughter to their table, but broke off when Milo pulls a drag off his mint julep, then stops panning the crowd over Kyle's shoulder, his head moving upwards, looking upon the face of the guy standing behind him.Kyle looks up as the dark-haired dude says, "Hey, um, they're playing a song I kind of like and I was wondering if you want to dance to it with me?""Go for it rcp harcore Milo!" Alex says."Sure! I'd love it!" More, Milo was loving the guy, decked out in an ocean blue speedo, the thin treasure trail originating cp illegal movies at the edge of the speedo, traversing upwards. That's the picture he got, rising up out of his chair, till he was neck and neck with the guy."Oh by the way," the dude says, his focus on Alex, "my name is Rhodes Michalak." And as he reaches across the table to shake Alex's hand, "I'm on Michael's list of those cp hentai porn who purchased a pair of your briefs. Actually, he put me down for a xxx petite hardecore cp dozen.""Generous of you," Alex says as he shakes Rhodes' hand."I know a good product when I see one. By the way, I understand you and I will be attending the top illegal cp Fashion Institute this fall?"Kyle brings up, "Alex and you together, oh that's cool!"Showing his modesty, Rhodes says, "I'm not sure I have the fine sense of creativity you have, Alex."Milo was getting cp nudist child the impression 'he' wasn't the object porn cp of introductions, saying, "Um, we better hurry before the band stops playing your song, Rhodes!"Then, Milo erased all thoughts of sideswiping himself just to meet Alex, when Rhodes places hands on the sides of Milo's shoulders. And as has been dictated over and over again, themes running wild, inhibitions grounded, Rhodes replies, "I have a confession to make. It's not my favorite song."Alex and Kyle witness one of Rhodes' arms going around Milo's back, the other behind his neck, drawing him in for cp movies free pics a lip-lock!"Hmm," Kyle says to Alex. "I'm not so sure it's a good thing you and Rhodes are going to the Fashion Institute together!"He was listening in, Rhodes tearing his lips from Milo to say, "Oh, but it was never on my mind, the thought of Alex and me becoming anything more than friends!" child pics cp He looks to the two for acceptance.Milo, taking the side of Rhodes' cheek in his hand, giving attention back to himself, he says, "Oh but I don't mind at all if we become more than friends?"As they walk away, it is heard, Rhodes saying to Milo, "Oh, but I really don't know much how to dance!"Alex says, "I'm sure Milo knows how to do more than swing a racket!""Guess what guys?"Kyle and Alex exchange looks, wondering why Michael is displaying a dejected look, why the long face, why the lowly voice and sad-sack composure."What's up Michael?"Sitting down sideways on a chair, next to Alex, he treats dark collection cp xxx him like the father he never had, to come to with problems. He places his arm on Alex's shoulder, complaining, "Everybody bdsm cp loves Scotty's food.""What's wrong with that?" Kyle says."Yeah," Alex agrees, "I would think you should be jumping for joy?""It's great, but Scotty told me he's not accepting the position of chef here at the estate, which means Milo is not going to be helping me get my high school diploma!"His arm moving around Michael for comfort, Alex replies, "But there's dozens of high school diploma programs available boy cp nymph back in the city Michael?""I know, but will there be another guy like Milo. He's really is very smart, plus he's really hot looking?"Kyle rolls his eyes. Alex seeing Kyle's physical response, smiles. Taking the upper hand, he offers, "Well, how would it be Michael if we got another tutor and if you didn't like the looks of him," he meant physically and otherwise, "we can find another you like?""You would do that for me Alex?" Michael perked up a little.Feeling like being singled out, Alex replies, "Of course we would."Glancing over to his other half, Kyle says, "As soon as the weekend is up. By the way, how did Cayman take the news of Scotty giving up the opportunity of becoming head chef?""Oh, he probably doesn't know yet. Scotty only told Tom Space, but Tom was really understanding. He says he'd like Scotty to think about doing special parties and even next year's Stud Muffin Party."Still connected to Michael, Alex asks, "Which Scotty said?""Scotty said it depended on where he's at. Who knows where any of us will be after the next year of our lives!""Y'know, Michael," Alex observes, "you better watch it... you're turning into a regular philosopher!"Then, all excited again, Michael asks, "Oh! Ya got that list I gave you Alex?""It's back in the room. Why?"Stealing a cocktail napkin, Michael replies, "I got a whole bunch of more orders lined up for you. Got a pen?"He didn't, but a waiter walks up to them, decked out in a black speedo, black bowtie around his neck, white cuffs and cufflinks, but no shirt."Hey, what happened to the rest of your shirt?" Michael asks him, him gazing upwards cp pussy as he kneels on his chair."Oh," he fantasizes, "your hot bod must've burned it right off me!""Can I borrow your pen?" Michael, noticing the pen clipped onto the front of the waiter-dude's speedo, plucks it right off it's clipped on perch. "Thanks!" he says, not even acknowledging the taking."You're welcome," the waiter says, watching Michael run off. Without looking down at the table, he asks, "Either of you gentlemen care for a drink?" He then looks down and seeing he's ignored them momentarily, "Care for a drink?"Kyle asks, cp tgp free child pics cp after spotting the 'name', written right on the waiter's chest in some sort of penmanship, "Are you sure you can remember without writing it down, Jonathan?""Unique way of identifyling yourself?" Alex says."Right," Jonathan smiles. "I came up with it myself after losing the ID badge I'm supposed to have pinned to my speedo."Looking around, Kyle says, "But all the waiters have it written 'someplace' on their chest... even lower?""Yeah," Alex even takes notice, "Hey, will you look at the dude with it written across his chest?"Kyle sees Alex's point, "Lucky he has an 'o' in his first and last names," the 'o' in 'Tom', utilizing his right nip as the 'o', his left nip the 'o' in 'Post'!"Oh yeah," Jonathan replies, "I helped Tom with his name. He liked the idea.""I bet," Kyle replies, than jokes, "Anybody playing with 'my' nips and I'd like it too!"Jonathan offers, "I do fake tattoos if you're cp illegal kid sex up for it anytime?"Alex didn't know what it was, the drinks, the 'anything goes' atmosphere, whatever, but reflecting on his decision, way back in Asbury Park, the spur of underground illegal cp the moment idea of carving an 'S' out of his chest hair, he says, "Why don't you go for it Kyle?""Go for what?""Have Jonathan tattoo your nips!""I was like only joking, Alex?"Then, decisively, Alex states, "I wasn't. Jonathan, can you go get your stuff?""Well, I'm cp girls gallery supposed to be waiting tables, but heck! Tom said do whatever, within reason, to kds cp pic keep the customer satisfied!"After Jonathan leaves, Kyle says, "Alex, you crazy? You pics skinny cp porn know how hard I'm going to get with Jonathan... what do you think he's going to do?"Shrugging cp fuck pussy his shoulders, Alex replies, "I dunno! But whatever it is, you're probably not going to be the only one getting horny!"Kyle sat back, took up with drinking his drink, peering over it, his eyes staring into Alex's face."What?" Alex questions the look."I hope you explode your load right in front of everybody!"Confidently, Alex says, "Oh but I'm sure Jonathan is going to take us someplace indoors."Kyle laughs."What?""And ruin the atmosphere Alex?"Alex could see Kyle getting a bit tipsy, especially the difference, from sobering up after the Mai Tai's, but copying Milo on the Mint Julep, started it all over again. "What are you thinkin up?" he was suspicious in his asking."Hurry up and eat. I'm gonna lay my bod right down here on this table," his finger dictated it, tapping it.Questioning it, Alex says, "Aren't you going to be embarrassed having everyone see your cock tenting your speedo?"He 'was' tipsy, replying, "Alex... you know I've always wanted to go camping!""Oh brother!" Alex replies, seeing it was hopeless to even cp sex porno begin to reason. He could only regurgitate, 'What have I gotten us into!'%Copyright 2010 T. Chase McPhee`For Sale By Owner: CK's Stud Muffin Party' may not be sold, nor made part of any collection, without prior consent from the author.The more you stretch, the more you can fit in... 'spread' happiness! TCMcP.....
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